Terms and Conditions

 Tax credits and tax receipts

The Rotary Club of Hornby is a charitable trust (The Rotary Club of Hornby Charitable Trust Registration number CC28971). When you support the Buy a Bubble campaign, you may be eligible to claim some of your gift back from IRD. You will receive a receipt when you make the donation – make sure to keep the tax receipt to make a claim.

  • Individuals: You may be eligible to claim 33% of your gift.
  • Businesses: Businesses can claim for donations to an IRD-approved donee organisation.

Link here for more information: Tax credits for donations (IRD website)

You will receive a letter to thank you for your support and a small recognition.

Terms and conditions

Names on the supporter wall

  • The supporter wall will be located in the foyer leading to the pool hall of the Matatiki Hornby Centre for a minimum of ten years, then it will be subject to change.
  • Names/companies going on the wall will be reviewed before completion. We reserve the right to refuse a donation.

Logos on the supporter wall

• preferably EPS or PNG files, JPEG is adequate.

• the logos will be one colour, do not supply a coloured logo

• white or black versions only

 Standard donor terms and conditions